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CP24 offers intelligent, customer-focused operational consultancy and training solutions for all your security needs. Protection of human life is our priority. Our dedicated staff is composed of leading international security professionals, trained to perform with excellence. Investigation, intelligence, insight and intuition are our most powerful tools, and we use them to keep your people safe while you watch your business grow. Our goal is simple: keep people safe and ensure everyone we work with is proud to be associated with us!

Synergy: We collaborate with you to ensure our security initiatives reflect your Policies, Objectives, Values and Culture.

Minimizing threats and risks through proven best practice, we offer the full spectrum of security services including unique and pioneering Emergency First Aid Grab Bags© and realistic protection and response protocols called Smart Barriers©.

CP24 was born of a need to help businesses implement their duty of care. Through high-level careers, our experienced team has learned that leaders revere their people as their most valuable asset. Our service offers business leaders the opportunity to demonstrate their uncompromising commitment to the safety of their staff through implementation of realistic control measures and information sharing forums.


Accountability: We are fully accountable for our actions and we never compromise the transparency and integrity of our operations for financial gain.

We aim to help you implement your existing security policies meticulously and responsibly, ensuring that your people, your IP and your finances are secure, and that you are legally defensible in the face of an attack.

Promoting internal investment and innovation, we help your business grow into a market leader and a beacon of responsibility in the business world.


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On a day when an organisation opens its doors to all its stakeholders, particularly shareholders and investors, and needs to create the best possible impression of the value it creates, it is imperative that no stone is left unturned in ensuring that the event passes off without a hitch. CP24’s approach has always been holistic and the performance of their customer-facing staff is fully backed up with event specific training and a range of control measures. The lengths to which CP24 go in preparation are impressive. The information sharing efforts leading up to, and subsequently merging into the real time of the event, ensures that everyone involved is ready and prepared in all respects for any eventualities.

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Multinational engineering company

How we work

Committed to providing a level of service to our employees and clients that makes them proud to be associated with us, CP24 aims to sustain a happy working environment, where people love to come every day.

Working across a range of sectors, we see the bigger picture and we have successfully applied our expertise to real-world security and intelligence concerns across many sectors. We meet all expectations and leave nothing to chance.


What is exceptional about CP24?

  • Thorough planning and organisation
  • Clear, concise and relevant training
  • Clear communication of expectations
  • Professional yet approachable
  • Involvement of employees throughout the delivery process

Our work ethos produces results:

  • Confident, strong individuals and teams operating to the best of their abilities
  • Clear, concise and relevant training
  • A low incidence but high problem resolution rate

Key characteristics and dynamic capabilities


It is better to have plans and not need them than it is to need them and not have them.


We collaborate with you to ensure our security initiatives reflect your Policies, Objectives, Values and Culture.


We measure our performance by evaluating our contribution rigidly against your needs and objectives.


We respond rapidly to change and scale our operations up or down according to your needs.


We are fully accountable for our actions and we never compromise the transparency and integrity of our operations for financial gain.


Contact CP24 on +44(0) 203 603 0424 or EMAIL CP24 via our contact page for a confidential initial consultation.

Our approach

Manage Expectations and Leave Nothing to Chance

Manage expectations

We align our security initiatives and procedures with your policies, objectives and obligations. We collaborate fully to share knowledge and deliver value beyond function. We create high levels of understanding and trust with clients, and enjoy a high level of repeat business.

Leave nothing to chance

We ensure that everyone understands their role long before it becomes necessary to act. This requires tailored solutions which are not limited by function, complacency, appeasement, structure, or compliance. We deliver risk based, performance focused and outcome driven solutions.

Experience and know how

Our core strength is our people. Our highly skilled and seasoned teams include individuals, previously in senior security positions with large multi-nationals, with significant and geographically diverse work forces in varied operating environments. This unique blend of experience, skill and global insight ensures a deep understanding of global threat and business landscapes.

Putting people first

CP24 literally means Continuous Protection. It sums up our business and our ethos. This is reflected by our philosophy and the Trustworthy Environments we help create.

Our own people matter as much as those we support. Our leadership teams take complete responsibility for the happiness of every CP24 employee during the working day. We strive to ensure that our workforce is engaged, committed and above all contented with their working environment. Showing mutual respect creates fulfillment and builds trust and loyalty between us and our employees, as well as with our clients, ensuring they are confident in our desire to deliver exceptional service.

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