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Frontline Security Staff

CP24 provides the full spectrum of frontline security services from premium quality security guards to high calibre close protection offcers. In doing so, CP24 recognises that client support does not just consist of physical measures to protect people and assets, but that security support encompasses the management of all risks associated with conducting operations both domestically and overseas. CP24 embraces the client’s strategy of corporate responsibility both at home and abroad. We collaborate with our clients and other stakeholders to tailor our security services to suit local operating conditions and traditions. Our people are licensed and trained to showcase your brand and reflect your values with perfection using a training model which is risk based, performance focused and outcomes driven.

Threat & Risk Assessments

Our threat & risk assessments are carried out by specialists with years of experience in their respective fields. As well as identifying exposure and vulnerability to risk, we will help close gaps and evidence the need for appropriate funding to your Executives.

Technical Security

Technology is the backbone of most businesses today and the protection of your technical assets needs to be factored into your overall security plan. Our proactive defensive measures include vulnerability assessments, technical counter measures, information security and penetration testing.

Security Master Plans

We can develop a Security Master Plan (SMP) so that you are prepared for and safeguarded against foreseeable risk influences. When developing your SMP we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of current measures and where necessary, provide advice on corrective actions.

AGM’s and Corporate Event Security

CP24 prides itself on delivering superior levels of customer service and satisfaction. Our mantra is Showcase not Showdown. We will help you to achieve your event objectives by providing discreet but adequate security controls. Supported by comprehensive safety and security procedures, our people will behave as your Brand Advocates. Our event security staff are also first aid trained and we supply first aid equipment at no additional cost.

Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery

The first rule of crisis management is not to allow crisis to develop! A positive approach to crisis management demands the implementation of preventative policies that are monitored on a regular basis. CP24’s realistic solutions can help stop problems from developing into crisis events and enable the successful transition from ordinary to extraordinary operating conditions.

Implementation of Safety & Security Procedures

CP24 regards the understanding of the threat and its balanced dissemination to employees and stakeholders as paramount if an operation is to win the confidence of all concerned. This is particularly apposite when threat levels are likely to change frequently. A CP24 employee and stakeholder awareness programme ensures everyone is fully briefed about risks and the thought process behind the safety and security procedures to be implemented.

Personal Safety and Awareness Training

CP24’s personal safety and awareness courses are designed to heighten an individual’s awareness of the potential risks to personal safety in everyday environments. Combined with safety awareness we teach simple and easy to remember reactive techniques based on human behavioural responses and not martial arts. Once mastered these simple techniques will become automatic responses in emergencies and will also allow individuals to quickly and safely take flight and not fight.

International Problem Solving

Our international network of consultants enables us to provide support domestically and abroad. We can provide short, medium and long-term solutions to a range of abstract and unique dilemmas confronting organisations at a global level. Specialists can be provided in all fields of security and our service encompasses the entire range of project related tasks including but not limited to: delivery of pre-deployment training for staff, development of safety and security travel plans, tracking of personnel, 24 hour emergency response, sourcing and provision of safety and security equipment and provision of close protection, surveillance and counter surveillance officers.

Smart Barriers

Our Smart Barriers© approach to protection and support ensures all participating personnel are aware of their required responses to a variety of situations.

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