Operational Philosophy

Operational Philosophy

CP24 translates business objectives, statutory obligations and core values into effective and efficient risk management solutions.  Our mantra of IPRD summarises the guides and safeguards we have in place to ensure efficacy:


Identify risk – Prevent loss of life, injury and interruption to business – Respond effectively and efficiently and ensure our clients are in a legally Defensible position – at all times.


Safety is one of CP24’s core values.  It is CP24’s belief that our primary responsibility is to protect our client’s people, assets and reputation and additionally, the public and CP24’s workforce, both employees and contract workers.  CP24 is fully accountable for its actions and will not compromise the transparency and integrity of its operations for financial gain.  CP24 is committed to operational excellence and safety and our commitment is complete and all encompassing.  After appropriate and relevant training, employees and contract workers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner commensurate with this philosophy and perform their duties in a manner that demonstrates CP24’s commitment to safety.  CP24 believes a strong and fully developed training programme is essential to success.  Safety as a core value is at the heart of CP24’s operations philosophy and the company’s beliefs are reflected in its methodology, operating policy and management oversight.


  • Listening carefully and fully understanding the client’s requirements
  • Reflecting the client’s goals within clear plans for safety and security
  • Developing and maintaining safe but effective operating procedures
  • Explaining to the client what their contribution will be to operational effectiveness
  • Assisting the client with any required change management
  • Sharing the client’s vision for success
  • Using local consultants to reflect regional and ethnic diversity
  • Evaluating CP24’s contribution rigidly against the client’s requirements

Operating Policy

Fundamental to our operations is an informed, disciplined and systematic approach to all aspects of our work.  We apply this approach to the development, implementation and maintenance of our safety and security plans. This means our activities follow work processes and procedures that have been designed to address threats and minimise risk influences.  We use planned processes to guide all team members to complete their work safely, securely and efficiently.  CP24’s goal is to achieve maximum safety and security and minimise disruption and in order to help prevent incidents, we have made the following predetermined decisions:

  • We will not carry out a task unless it complies with applicable legislation and adheres to policies and procedures for safety and security.
  • All employees and contractors have the right and responsibility to halt an operation if they believe there is danger to the client, the public, or themselves and/or their colleagues.

Management Oversight

  1. Operational Discipline
  2. Mutual Support and Coordination of Effort
  3. Elevating the Customer and Community Experience
  4. Protecting and Reflecting the Client’s Brand

Through operational discipline, we seek to improve our effectiveness, increase our flexibility and instil a safety first approach to all that we undertake.  With the strategic goal of maximising safety and security and minimising disruption, we comply with legislation; employ best practice and share our training and operating methods as appropriate and necessary.  This approach provides those involved in CP24 led operations with common goals and procedures, thereby enabling us to continue to invest in our client’s vision. By ensuring our operating teams fully understand our client’s vision and by encouraging them to continually develop operating solutions that are sustainable, we avoid stagnation.

An element of effective security is dependent on the coordination of effort of the various stakeholders involved and the degree of mutual support that they can offer one another. The key is often the sharing of information and a comprehensive understanding of the threat and the procedures developed to mitigate it. Everyone involved in a CP24 led operation is fully briefed about the reasons for deployment and the thought process behind the security procedures to be implemented.  CP24 regards the understanding of the threat and its balanced dissemination to employees and stakeholders as paramount if an operation is to win confidence – this is particularly apposite when threat levels are likely to change frequently and with little or no notice.

CP24 recognises that client support does not just consist of physical measures to protect people and assets, but that security support encompasses the management of all risks associated with conducting operations. There is an expectation that corporations will strive to be good corporate citizens and act in a socially responsible way wherever it places its footprint, and it is incumbent that all service providers to that organisation also embrace that strategy of corporate responsibility.  

Measured by its application performance on the ground, CP24 acknowledges the challenges of operating in difficult, remote, dangerous and politically charged areas of operation and will collaborate with its client and other stakeholders.  Through local partnerships it will endeavour to stimulate an environment for delivery.

In all cases, security services are tailored to suit local traditions. We always respect community and cultural values without compromising our security initiatives.

An important but sometimes forgotten aspect of security is the protection and enhancement of the client’s brand – this is particularly true in remote operating environments.  In these situations people will judge our client by how we interact with people and by how security is implemented. At CP24 we make a point of understanding the key facets of a client’s brand and how it wants to be portrayed.  An important aspect of brand protection is our conduct – we are professional and polite at all times. Everything that can be done will be done to ensure that we reflect the client’s brand in a meaningful and purposeful fashion.