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Smart BarriersIt’s better to have plans and not need them than it is to need them and not have them.

Smart Barriers is a platform for preparedness and protection enabling leadership, frontline staff, internal business support teams and contractors to speak and act as one through the power of effective stakeholder engagement.
Planning for risk and threats is CP24’s approach to keeping your business and your people safe. Our differentiator is our own invention, Smart Barriers© a pioneering philosophy which sets us apart.
Every business owner or leader has a responsibility for the safety of the business and its people in the face of a threat of any kind, from natural disasters to terrorism to corporate espionage. But it’s not always easy to feel confident that you’re keeping your people, assets and reputation safe. If the unthinkable happens, everyone will be looking at you for confirmation that you covered every base to mitigate the risk. This is where Smart Barriers© steps in.

One of the biggest problems the Smart Barriers© process can solve is ambiguity.

We implement policies that protect workforces and businesses from the inside out. Using tried and tested strategies we join up leadership teams and ensure that managers can provide evidence of ownership should a disaster occur and they are required to demonstrate that the correct policies and procedures were in place.
Our clients range from leading multi-national organisations to small businesses, who attest to our commitment to building barriers to risk, with the preservation of human life as an unconditional priority. They see our unique strategy as an invaluable insurance policy, offering them complete peace of mind.
CP24’s Smart Barriers© strategy works in a cyclical way. Our strategies are leadership driven, and allow us to remain in full alignment with our clients, protecting them whilst they grow. Our end-to-end process is centred on a single priority – the protection of human life.
Following a serious incident, an organisation’s ability to defend a prosecution and a lawsuit may rest on Senior Managers, on the actions that they have taken and on whether they can demonstrate to a court and lawyers acting on behalf of aggrieved and bereaved claimants that they have taken all reasonable precautions to prevent death and injury.
They will demand to see evidence of leadership involvement and control which means your safety and security culture will be scrutinised and interrogated.
Documentary evidence of control (a plan signed off by all responsible parties including the Main Board) will influence the outcome of such investigations. It’s therefore wiser, and not as difficult or complex as it may appear, to gather and carefully consider relevant information and create plans long before it becomes necessary to act.

CP24’s Virtuous Planning Circle (as illustrated right) covers:

  • Security Policy & Objectives
  • Compliance with H&S regulations
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Intelligence & Actionable Insights
  • Needs Analysis & Security Framework
  • Support & endorsement from Police & other stakeholders

Resilience through communication

Model of CP24 Operations

Our methods for complete Emergency Preparedness begin with a comprehensive threat and risk assessment, which leads to laser focused intelligence and actionable insights and strategies for securing your weak points and blindspots.
Your bespoke Smart Barriers© package covers a thorough analysis of your needs and an exhaustive security strategy, designed in consultation with your leadership teams, stakeholders and the police.
With the protection of human life as an unequivocal priority, our risk management and contingency plans enable you to prevent and protect whilst maintaining the highest duty of care.

Working together

In today’s highly connected world, safety and security isn’t just a leadership priority, it’s a shared organisational necessity.
CP24 will take the time to understand your business priorities and concerns and deliver a service that does exactly what you need to accomplish your goals.

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