What our Customers Say....

On a day when an organisation opens its doors to all its stakeholders, particularly shareholders and investors, and needs to create the best possible impression of the value it creates, it is imperative that no stone is left unturned in ensuring that the event passes off without a hitch. CP24’s approach has always been holistic and the performance of their customer-facing staff is fully backed up with event specific training and a range of control measures. The lengths to which CP24 go in preparation are impressive. The information sharing efforts leading up to, and subsequently merging into the real time of the event, ensures that everyone involved is ready and prepared in all respects for any eventualities.

Senior Director
Multinational engineering company

Our staff work in some of the most obvious targets for terrorist acts, such as tourist spots, prominent shopping centres, as well as train stations and airports. After witnessing yet another atrocity, we recognised that our security measures were inadequate. Staff became very anxious and it was important that we were pro-active in letting them know the company was taking steps to ensure their welfare. Following meetings and discussions with CP24 representatives, they provided a tailored solution that suited OUR needs.

Personnel Administrator
Nationwide chain of restaurants

Both the CEO and the Director of Communications expressed their sincere thanks and satisfaction with the way security was provided. That is unprecedented in my experience. Your team are a credit to you, but I know as well as you do that doesn’t happen by accident, it comes with leadership and professionalism demonstrated from the top. It was a pleasure working with you again.

Head of Intelligence
Large multi-national

I have found CP24’s approach, methods and overall service to be of the highest standard. Their knowledge and experience in different disciplines and operating environments has benefitted us by helping to solve problems in inventive and cost-effective ways.

Head of Security
International events and exhibitions company

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